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Spomenik Rijeka Crnojevica

Liberation Wars

In different periods of Montenegrin history, the Rijeka region has witnessed but also been a very active participant in extremely important events. Some of the first rifles of the famous Uprising against fascism on July 13th, 1941 were fired from this region. One of the monuments to the heroes of the liberation wars is located at the very entrance to the Rijeka Crnojevića.

The monument to the fighters killed in the wars between 1919. and 1945. was unveiled in 1971. and is the work of sculptor Drago Djurović.

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Rijecki grad Obod

Rijeka's Town / Obod

Today, the Rijeka’s Town or Obod is a settlement consisting of several houses, the church of St. Nikola and the remains of what is considered to be the former foundation of the Crnojević Printing House.
Pavlova strana

Pavlova strana

The place where Rijeka Crnojevića connects with Skadar Lake is one of the most photographed parts not only of the Rijeka area but also of the entire of Montenegro.
Skola Boro Vukmirovic Rijeka Crnojevica

Elementary School

The fact that one of the first elementary schools in the country was built in the former seat of the state of Ivan Crnojević shows that the Rijeka Crnojevića was not only the center of the medieval life of Montenegro but also of a somewhat more modern period.