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Food, wine and accommodation

In addition to timeless natural sights and pleasures for the eyes, Rijeka Crnojevića will awaken your other senses and increase your appetites, and if you decide to walk around or ride a boat, do not miss to enjoy homemade food and wine. The promenade along the river, which was once the center of trade events in Montenegro, is today a place where you can find national restaurants and hotels whose offer will leave you speechless.

What every visitor should try when he comes to Rijeka Crnojević are smoked carp and bleak, and all this to pour homemade wine, which is abundant here, given that Rijeka is located on the Montenegrin Wine Routes with a large number of family wineries.


When it comes to food, the mentioned delicacies stand out – smoked carp and smoked bleak. The good word about these two products has been spreading for years, and there are records that dry bleak was exported to Italy in the 13th century. As part of this specialty of Skadar Lake, the Days of Wine and Bleak are organized every year on Virpazar.

In addition to enjoying food and wine, guests of this town have at their disposal boat excursions, of which there are more than enough on the coast along the promenade. Visitors can choose between shorter and longer tours with a stop at any point of Skadar Lake.

Rijeka Crnojevica, voznja brodom

For those who prefer a more active vacation, Rijeka Crnojevića with the surrounding places boasts a large number of trails for hiking tours as well as for cyclists.

All you have to do is book a date when you want to visit the former center of Montenegro.