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Oktoih Rijeka Crnojevica

Crnojević Printing House

Besides that it was capital of Middle Ages Montenegrin rulers, Crnojević dinasty, Obod have written its place in history books as a home of printing house that printed first Cyrillic book on South Slavic countries.

Djuradj Crnojević founded the famous Obod printing house (Crnojević printing house) back in 1493. and under the supervision of the hieromonk Makarije already in the first days of the following year, January 4th 1494, the book Oktoih prvolasnik was completed , only 38 years after Gutenberg. In addition to this book, with the help of Makarije and his seven assistants, four more books saw the light of day – Oktoih petoglasnik, Pslatir s posledovanjem, Trebnik and Četvorojevandjelje.

Due to the war, with the departure of Djuradj Crnojević and Makarije to Italy, the printing house ceased to operate in 1496.

On the site of the former printing house, today there are only the remains of parts of the foundations and table with the inscription “The Obod printing house was founded here, of which the first book of Oktoih began in 1493 – completed on January 4th, 1494.“.

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