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Stories of a Bridge

Today, Rijeka Crnojevića is a tourist destination where you will find a rich offer of restaurants and hotels with specialties of traditional national cuisine and an exceptional selection of local wines.

And if only bridges could talk. Maybe all writers in the world could go silent if bridges decide to speak.

I wonder what are all of those stories that bridges could tell us about events where they were silent and proud witnesses. And we know them as a magnificent structures that are here to erase void. To connect. To enable.

One of those bridges that would have a lot to say is The Old Bridge on Rijeka Crnojevića. For many, it is enough when you say The Old Bridge and they will know for sure which one is it, but many also know it as a Danilo’s bridge.

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Danilo's bridge

The Old Bridge
Stari most, The Old Bridge, Rijeka Crnojevica
Montenegro is country with many natural beautiful landscapes and settlements and we are very proud when we hear comments from those that visit us for the first time.

Crnojević Printing House

Obod Printing House
Oktoih petoglasnik
Besides that it was capital of Middle Ages Montenegrin rulers, Crnojević dinasty, Obod have written its place in history books as a home of printing house that printed first Cyrillic book on South Slavic countries.
House of Saint Petar Cetinjski
On Rijeka Crnojevića entry, right above Danilo’s bridge on the right side you can find the oldest kept building in town (built from 1810. until 1815.) which remembers more gloried days of this village along side Skadar lake.

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